I'll tell you what I'm going to do
I'm going to make love to you
You might say the distance is long
But I'm going to write this song
For this is my love to you
When you said yes
I didn't think so
So soon
Things don't seem to be
All the right colors
Until you said yes
I don't know
What it will take
Maybe eight roses
To keep you happy
But I know I can
If all I do is
Just try to love
And I will


That sideways glance at me girl
All that I can do is smile
That halfway smile at me girl
All I can do is nod my head
Get up and run for that cigarette girl
And all I can do is watch
Sitting across from me
Direct confrontation of eyes
Make me smile
Make you laugh
Coming to sit next to me
Keeping time to that music
Smiles across
Looking at each other
It seems understood now
Out for air
Excuse us
Into the van
And across town
Through the lights
To the soft parade of music
And the cool sheets of night


Angel spread your wings
And fly to me
I want to show you
The hawk's flight
In the circles of the sun
Angel shine your light
Right down on me
I want to take you home with me


I'm looking for my woman.
Coda woman.
The end,
It holds the
I'm looking for my coda woman
Dramatic climax
To the mono verse.


I was watching a compass today
And noticed as the arc swung out
To scribe its' circle complete; it was
Quite similar to us, girl. As we
grow in love, our love revolves around
Each other, both running free, yet
Constantly revolving around each other.
Either one of us can stand still and let
the other revolve - can't we?


I had to look beyond the silver smoke
To really be sure
Of my convictions.
I had to clear my head of the wine
From the many times before
That we shared.
And I ignored the disagreements
That I must say did exist
But were short times.
I had to be critical
And analyze
The moments
That would become the future
For you and me.
And with my decisions
The course I did take
Was one I am sure
Of happiness
And of no mistake.
For when a man loves a woman
And a woman loves a man
There should be a love
With strength that will always stand.

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