I find myself sitting these days
Staring off at the rain soaked sky
I don't seem to talk a lot
Or find the words to rhyme
It's a cold wind that blows
Across my lonely small garden
I find myself alone these days
Watching geese in flight
Heading to the warm winds

But I can see ahead to the sun
And the warmth of heated breezes
When life dries out & grows green
With the heavy air of spring

I find myself hoping for these days
To be together with my love
When we can face the rain
And live in the sun


Our love is like the sunset
That flashes on the water ...


What a sight for my eyes
To see you asleep
I've got to stop the sunrise
I came a thousand miles
To catch you while you smile

What a day for laughter
And walking at night
Me following your hand in mine
If I can make
The words awake
The feeling

What a reason for waiting
And dreaming of you
Of seeing the wind blow by


It's in the dawning light
That my heart breaks for you
It's by my side, you belong
It's in the morning of the day
That I find myself alone
No tender eyes by my side
No smile upon your sleeping lips
It's in the rays of dawn
My heart can't find the pace
To continue without you around

I awoke today to find
You deep on my mind
I can't seem to forget the thought
That the miles between our touch
Will have to stay as strong
To prevent the outside from causing harm.

Where are you going today
And am I still in your thoughts
Can a girl keep a dream
Can a boy hold to a thought
And not feel the everyday touch
Of the physical world around

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