I shouldn't speak
in such non directiveness
when I want
to express my thoughts.
sometimes I just don't want you
to really know, but to guess.
It is like a game,
I could explain,
but I'll leave that to the experts
who always have an answer.
whether it's theirs or yours
who will really know
Except the author.

It feels good to be back
There's so much to say.



I don't need any fancy clothes.
I don't want a classy car.
The tattered cobblestone shops
Where we first met
Is enough for me.

So lift your glasses high
And toast a crystal wine
To many "good-byes" and thoughts of you.
The piano tinkles in my ear
Thoughts crop up around
When we first sat in the window light
The flowers were bright.

I don't need any fancy clothes.
I don't want the best race.
The corner cafe with tiny tables
Where we sat alone in the candle glow
Is enough for me.

The pier food stained the eyes
And misty thoughts passes without words
And the crackling fire warmed us alone.

I don't want no classy car
I don't need no bags of money
Why we first came together
In the cold winter night
Nothing to keep us warm
But our own Inner Light.



You don't need fancy words
To make a woman feel loved
You don't have to buy her candy
To make a woman give love
A woman can really make love
And when the night's all over
You won't need anything else
There won't be any need for
Troublesome friends
And broken bookends
When a woman really loves you
A real woman can steal your heart
She doesn't need fancy words
Or candy and flowers
Or love letters and smiles

But it helps!


Well tell me now
What brings you here
To the door
Of my friend?
Have you come
From inside?
Now lets have a seat
And see who we are.
Couldn't be by chance
That we meet.
So we know we have
One in common.
Let's forget to
Knock tonight.



As the glass ship
Leads the fleet
I'll wave goodbye
From the shore
Sorry I can't go
They're the ones
Going away

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