It seems that music needs
Revolutions per minute,
And to this day
Is unit less.


Let me hear you cry
Your love cries in my ear
Like the soft east wind
Blow across my years.
Did you see the naked lovers
Down in the park again.
Reminds me of your long legs
And the games they play behind.
Did you whisper your fears
In the silent dark night
Or was that our bodies
Frayed up against each other
Let us try again to begin
And reach that higher end
And remember those naked lovers
Down in the park again.
I'll go turn the record over
And you light your cigarette.
To come together in our sin
To love, to laugh and reflect.


When the night train up from Providence hoots her chill voice
through the dew soaked rails, the thin silver reflected
moonlight upon the endless parallel steel starts to shimmer
as the ripples on a deep lake, in answer to her lonely call
of the night.


I did you no wrong
Why did you treat me this way?
I gave you me deep love
You gave me only pain.
I thought you loved me
I did treat you so sweet
But you turned your back on me
And won't look at me again
I did you no wrong
Why did you treat me this way?


Two to one
Now one in two
Don't you know
We'll love tonight
Come on baby
Comming up slow
What's keeping you


The man was caught
Bringing parrots across the border
Wrapped in socks
And tequelia drugged.
The parrot epidemic is
To eat crops.
Hands from the south
Are at work again.

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