I have not wavered in my belief that:

A standard has been passed to a new generation of Americans,
grandchildren of the Second World War veterans,
children of our Vietnam veterans,
to protect, honor and defend our freedoms

There are good people and bad people,
more good than bad,
but when the bad are bad,
they should be punished.

When it comes right down to it,
only YOU can protect your rights and freedoms
and owning a gun can insure it.

If you are going to wave the flag, respect it.

I'd rather be an American on the worst day than anything else on the best day.

For those who think freedom and democracy isn't right for everyone, everywhere, all
the time, they have never been without either anywhere, at any time.

If you forget the past you will repeat it.

If it wasn't for the United States,
Europe would speak German
and there probably wouldn't be too many Jewish people.

I am not afraid to admit I always get a little emotional when I hear the National Anthem,
and I get a little pissed at someone who doesn't stand, take off their hat,
or otherwise disrespects those who gave their life so we could enjoy what many take for granted.

I don't think we spend enough money on our military to protect us.

There will always be the fringe few,
who say turn the other cheek, that war, for any reason is wrong.
Remember that our forefathers fought for their right to say that, without fear.

My country might not be always right,
but we sure are most of the time,
besides who else even makes an effort?

There's nothing wrong with respecting those in authority who serve us and protect us.

I learned the Pledge of Allegiance in school,
I gave an oath to serve my country,
I don't recall ever having a disclaimer, time limit, or request to revoke either.

I will not forget.......

the Heroes
the Innocent
the Brave
those lost
those changed


All Gave Some
Some Gave All


This web page is dedicated to my classmate, friend, and fraternal brother
John Ogonowski
who, as pilot on American flight #11, lost his life on September 11th, 2001

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