Smokey eyed lady at the bar
Sitting high cross legged at me
And that small smile through the smoke
That surrounds your face
Just what do you know?
Just what do you drink?
And if you come close to me
I won't know just what to do
Do you think I do?

Well you dress so fine
From your neck down to your knee
And your face doesn't show your age
That dress just shows what it should
And why do you stare at me?

You fascinate me
You make me think real
And if I smile we will meet won't we?
Well my smile did start a reaction
And across my whiskey she came
Sliding down your legs to the floor
With that nylon whisssh
That I've come to know
You slide next to that seat near me

Now you're getting close woman
And when you lean over to rest
Your head on me
I can see well ... right down
And you know
What will you say?
I sure can't speak
Your smoke filled eyes look so deep
Your perfume holds on to my collar
Like invisible arms
This whiskey is getting strong
And the music seems louder
As we're getting close to everything

I've passed through my
Smokey eyed lady of the bar
And we became one
Without a word



So many strangers pass through my life
They seem to come and go
Like the pages in a book.
I often stop and look around
And see the strangers in the street.
How very different we all seem
And yet how exactly alike.

When it rains down hard
And all the strange faces grow
There seems to be more similarity
In the way people begin to look
As they brush past on their way.


It's going to be a long hot summer
With the children out on the street
And the long nights
Will bring much love.
It's the long summer months
When we're so far apart
That will be the test
Of our love.
The beaches
The freedom
Will all be running about.
It was in the summertime
When we met.
It was in the summertime
That we stand apart.
To come together
With the red sun
In autumn

I hope we make it girl.


Back where the bayberry grows wild
And the seas' mist swirl
Where both dawn and sunset
Is across the sea
I find myself drifting away

Give me the dried ink
Upon old parchment
A signed pact of togetherness
A testament of old faith

Now look around as I ask
Where has the time flown
So I must journey back
To the silent winter
The arm among the seas

I have to see the old land
Of proud past & preserved future
Back to the land
Back to man's man
Where the gull glides
Above the clam flats

Back where the bayberry grows wild
And the seas' mist swirl


In the night ahead
I don't see the end
Because I love you

People pass by
Together or alone
Where is the end

Take me through the night
Take me to the end
Because I love you


Sometimes I feel the only communication
Is thought
It's an infinite time
To write
As they fly through my mind.


Tell me as you sit
What runs through your mind
I know you are reading
Reach now into my mind
Can't you tell what I'm doing
I'm loving you
Just you
As you read
This is
my love
for you
Won't you come along?
Won't you give it a try
Who says we can't
Come together
Let me see you wink twice


Without my hands
I cannot write
Without my arm
I cannot hold onto
Those things so dear

Without my foot
I cannot kick
Without my leg
I cannot run to
Those places so far

But without you girl
I do not exist
Without you girl
I do not know
How I would go on

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