Girl now that you're reading my soul,
Tell me what you really see?
Blank pages become thought
And the words line up in rows.
Tell me what's being said?
Tell me what you know?

When you sit there in a curl
Reading with all intent,
You look up and smile
And I'll catch your mind.
Tell me what's being said?
Tell me what you know?

We are approaching a decision.
We have to choose a path.
If we do catch each others attention
Wink and I'll know when to start.
Tell me what's being said?
Tell me what you know?

Well let's get together.
I'm looking right at you.
And your time is here to choose
A smile, a wink, my poem to you.
Tell me what's being said?
Tell me you want to go.


Was it so much to ask
To come and visit me
Now if it was
No time to trust
Don't tell me you're free


There comes a time in every man's life
that me must break away from the past,
that clings like dew
and start afresh.

He makes a path where there is no path
when he leaves the concrete.

This time has come for me.

There is regret in leaving a lover
loneliness in having no one to talk to
but, also there is a clearing of the mind
a revelation of unknown.

An awareness is present, that becomes survival.
The deeper the love,
the harder it is to rise from its depths.

It also could be said,
the higher the love, the harder it is
to descend without falling.

I am not sure yet which way I feel.
I am not trying to answer that
or any real question except for: What now?

I hope I answer this question soon.
I hope to find direction.
I want a little happiness.


There will be a lot of winning
And a lot of losing
When we come together.
There will be giving
And taking
Down the road we choose.
Everyone will say it's wrong
Everyone will want their way
But it's Love that remains.
You know I'll love the time
When you come to me.


Looking across the bar
Right up to your face
Will you turn away
Are you in the race
I just want to dance
I just like your style
When I see your skin
My heart begins its pace
Now don't you look away
Catch my side wards glance
You're the one I want
Just come to my place
With silken sheets
Black & white
White on black
Let the drums
Bring us back


White laced girl
Rising with dawn
Pure as snow
Set like a pawn
I see a tear
But not a cry

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