I don't want you to be my heartbreaker
I don't need you to be my heartbreaker
Don't break my heart
At this point
In my life
I don't want to cry
Over a broken heart
You know it
I know it
Let's keep it
Let's let it grow
I don't want a broken heart


If you should take my heart
And throw it away
And if you should use my love
And then take no more
If you turn your back on my face
And take my sun and moon
To steal my days and night
If you rob me of my money
And take my soul
And its' breath
If you refuse to see me
To talk
But just hate
I would still have my sadness
And my loneliness around
And if you still see a smile
Appear on my face
Don't be puzzled
I'm still thinking of you


How cum'
No one
Ground Hog Day


How many chicks are like you
That take a grab on the shoulder
And sit me right down.
Come back quick
And don't be long.
How is it you are what you are
To see a man and understand
To revolve around his star.
I don't really believe
You are what you are
It can't be so.
A girl that's willing to let a man
Say what is to be.
How many chicks are like you.


Pollute my lands
Drain my streams
Spew trash over the hills
Thicken my rivers with garbage
Cans + bottles
Spit on my heritage, the fatherlands
Foul the air, blacken my lungs
Look across the land
Bleak grey and black
And you ask why for $24 and
Trinkets I now cry


I want to be back in Iron County
Where highway 20 meets the mountain.
I can see the green valley
And the black box canyon.
I want to feel the warm breeze
And taste the spring water.
Come on down with me.
Let me tell you what I've seen.
Look with me on this land.
Take the range with hills
And paint your picture
Of this county of iron.

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