Give me your go down madness
Across the rugs of love
As we ride into the night


I overheard you tell your best friend
That it was time you did it
But it's your mother & father
Who always have something to say.
Girl lets go far away
And get it together.

I listened to you tell your sister
That you wait until it's dark
And how you love the mornings' dawn.
Now I don't want to scare you
But what I say will surprise.
Lets try to make it these days
For the nights have many eyes.

You say you hate your little brother
When he cries as you close the door.
That you would like to do it
But they might be back soon.
Girl lets go far away
And make it while we still feel it.


As the assembling multitudes
From the upland streams
From Springfield and Caracas
Drifting together
Springing masses
Against the man
Who stalls in shame
The March has begun


If math is music to technology
And figures the instruments
Then I would say:
Then pencil and paper
Are the bass
The paper and ink
The rhythm
And the hand
The flute


I don't believe anyone told you
About the black monster
That lives inside.
You don't seem to understand
Just what you can do
Without really trying.
Soon you'll meet this black leather
And things will pass
While others become clear.
I'm here to be the one.


"There's got to be more," he cried
As the telephone started to ring
The couple down the hall
Were at it again
And the cats were all hanging around
Spill my garbage pail

"There's got to be more," he cried
With the stereo up to max
Mick doing it in four speakers
The man at the door
Dressed in white
"Do you want to fight?"

"There's got to be more," he says
As the girl packs her bags
"I've got to get more," she says
"Your love I've all used up,"
The telephone stops ringing
The couple has moved away
The cats have died

"There's got to be more," he said
As he turned the stereo on
And the music
Remains his friend

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