1933 – XI


Oh Niobe, I saw you with longing eyes……..
(Dante – Purgatory 12)

As beautiful and earthly as her body was
Her heart and her soul belonged to God:
He created her for Himself………
O. L.


From a honest family
She was born in Marianopoli
The eighth day of April, 1900
Her parents
Named her Angelina
And it was a prophecy.


She completed her studies
With honors
Among the Dominican sisters
Her heart
A nest of peace and prayer
Discovered the sublime heights of the soul
The vast horizons of Goodness
And she wished to consecrate herself to God
Within the life of the cloister.


Trying to accomplish her dream
So sweet
She bowed to the counsel
Of whom was guiding her in the name of God
She dedicated herself to educating the young
In the elementary schools
For ten years
Like a priestess
She directed to God
The little budding lives
Opening for them the path to virtue
And to knowledge.


Humble and simple
She was like wax in God’s hands
And God brought her
To the highest peaks of virtue
Not within the silence of the cloister
But outside
Within family and school
Among the people
Gentle gatherer of love
For Him.


In love with Heaven
In her heart
Like a golden tabernacle
She always kept as King
The Eucharist of Jesus
The white wafer she received every morning
Was her entire life
And her glory.


Like an angel
She was vigil at night in prayer
She indulged in meditation during the day
Inside the Church
In front of the tabernacle
Her heart
Was vibrating
Like a votive candle.


Not understood but sublime
Never twisting the flame inside her heart
She was engaged to a young man
Who forever will speak words of blessings for her
With steadiness and sweetness
She brought him to the radiant visions of an industrious faith
She filled him with God
She made him renounce the world
And its earthly loves.


She disdained luxury
And choose for herself an ideal of modesty
Ready to renounce everything
She lived among her family
Like an angel
Center of beneficial irradiations
Among the people
She had from everyone
Love and adoration.


Like an Apostle
Without delays and without getting tired
She kept looking for souls
And she brought them to God
She was truly devoted to the Sacred Heart
And spread Its solemn canonization within the families
And the restoring hour.


She loved the Virgin Mary
With tenderness and devotion
More than a daughter
Every day and every hour of her life
Where marked
By “Hail Mary.”


With the light and the guide
Of the magnificent Queen of the virgins
Her thoughts
Were chaste and always pure
Like dew inside a lily
Her clothes
White and celibate
Like the sigh of the angels.


She really cared
About the maximum decorum of the House of God
She tended to the Church
Had people  look after the altar with pride
With holy industriousness
The church in her town
Was always well supplied with sacred furnishing
And always clean.


To the poor
She always brought bread and caresses from Heaven
To the sick
Like a mom
She brought her comfort and her humble service
Like a priest
She watched over the dying
Preparing them to their death
And to the Glory.


She was always active
Within the parish in Marianopoli
She wanted and brought in
The Third Franciscan Order
Different women groups of the Catholic Action
The Apostolate of prayer
Spreading around
The precious treasures of her heart
And her flame.


With holiness
Tended by her and prepared by her
Her mother and her brother Peppino
In the prime of their lives
Departed happily for Heaven
She wished she could follow them
And thinking about her poor mom
Three times a martyr
She wept and prayed.


For long months
Within the travails of her deadly illness
She hid with the smile of her faith
Her suffering
As resigned and strong as a martyr
Near to being recalled
She prepared herself to the ultimate sacrifice
With joy and holiness.


Already tried
The fifth dawn of November, 1932
Without clamor or agony
Like in a love ecstasy
The Angel of Death kissed her forehead
The Angel of Glory
Took her to the eternal happiness
Of Paradise.


She lived 32 years
Too little for someone who is seeking pleasure in life
Really a long time for someone who, like her,
Wishes to leave on earth
The fragrance of lilies
And to get inebriated within the light of God
For eternity.


Her death
Moved the entire town
Men and women
From different social classes and of different ages
Came to kiss and to bless her
And, after covering her with flowers,
They accompanied her to the peace of the cemetery
She was an angel
And she wanted God.


Oh dear daughter of God
Bring us all
Behind the perfume of your life
Of a pure virgin
Be our guide
In the fights against the enemy of the lilies
In the fights against suffering
Let us keep
Here on earth
The greatness of the soul
And the ecstasy of virtue.


Oh Angelina
The world did not deserve you
Your family doesn’t want earthly comfort
Send them blessings and smiles from Heaven
And repeat to God repeat
Oh Lord
Protect the two surviving flowers
In the already empty flowerbed
Of my family.