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  Mansfield First Football Champions 1922   The 1905 Mansfield KIMOS Season   June 12th, 1941 - Game 26 DiMaggio's Streak   The Swing

  Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?   September 27th, 1927 Yankee Stadium   May 15th, 1941 - Game 1 DiMaggio's Streak   Mad Ruth - The Babe

  The Yankee Captains   Opening Day - April 12th, 1927   Murderer's Row - The Origins    61 in 61 

  The Berserk Butterfly - Joe Bellino   The Babe - By The Numbers   The Catch - 30 Years Ago - A Look Back   The Major - Ralph Houk
    Len Eshmont - The Fordam Flash
  The Longest HR Ever Hit
  Lou Gehrig - Shining Legacy
  Bill Walsh

  Reflections of the 2009 Yankees
  When Frank Sinatra sing NY NY
  Embracing The Asterisk

  The New Mansfield Townies
  SICILY / ITALY         

  The Salt of Petralia Soprana   The Holy Teacher of Tinchi   Giuseppe LoDico & Angelina Immordino LoDico   The Tree

  Giuseppe Ignazio LoDico   How to Tell a Tree By It's Fruit   Un uomo fa un altro uomo   Le Petralie

  Cesare Mori - The Iron Prefect   Termini Imerese Sicily   There is an Ancient Road   The Carusi

  The Santuario Madonna dell'Alto   An American Beach   Sicilians have Phoenician DNA   Erice
    Angelina LoDico -The Holy Teacher
  Death of a Peasant
  The Norman Conquest of Sicily
  The Sicilian Vespers   

  The Pilgrim's Way


  The Gentleman Farmer - John 'Oggie' Ogonowski    Filippo Mazzei   Memorial Day 2010    The Lone Sailor 

  Why Columbus Day Matters   Mariano P. Carnevali 1916 -1944   Howard Roy Gallipeau Jr   The Whirlwind

  Citizen Soldiers of Massachusetts   USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerrier 8/19/1812   Most Hallowed Ground   I am the Flag
    Our Greatest President   A Native American Prayer         D Day - June 6th 1944
          World's Dumbest Pirates   

  Iwo Jima - 65 Years Ago Today - Part 1       Iwo Jima - 65 Years Ago Today - Part 2      Iwo Jima - 65 Years Ago Today - Part 3    

  Iwo Jima - 65 Years Ago Today - Part 4     Iwo Jima - 65 Years Ago Today - Conclusion  


  Movies and Business   The Lost Dream    The Progressive Socialist Party   The Shadows of Evil
    Handguns - Chicago Style       The SODIS Method


    The 10th Commandment   The Affordable Boat Act    An Italian Mother   A Senior Moment
    Top 20 Dumb - Yahoo Answers - Postings   Corporate Lesson #3   The Birth Order of Children        Merry Christmas